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Oath to Self

Leadership demands a corresponding level of responsibility and adherence to values. That is why on my journey to becoming a self-leader, I want to share my own 'oath to self'. My ethos and my creed.

Inviting you all to drop in and spot-check me, at any moment, as I endeavor to do for myself.

So what is a Spot Check?

A spot check is a random inspection on an individual's adherence to what is expected of them, and their values. To determine whether they are prepared. I invite all of you to spot-check me, at any time, enquiring to see if I am adhering to my oath to self. My oath will evolve over time as my life and values change according to my experience and the lessons I learn through the challenges I continue to face every day. 

Blue Skies



To not compromise my values and beliefs for advancements in status, appearance and standing in my social hierachy. To tell the truth to the best of my ability, with very few exceptions.

To continually seek to be beyond the bell curve. To explore what I am made of and grow. To be willing to set a new standard for myself every day. While honestly recognising my place within that bell curve, in contrast to my peers.

Compassion and Kindness

To treat everyone with a level of patience and understanding that recognises the legitimacy of their concerns and experiences. To never disregard someones suffering no matter how small it may seem.

Discipline and Diligence

To consistently apply myself with total commitment. To seek more, work harder, and rise to the occasion.  To prepare for every opportunity and step forward, willing and able to fail, at every opportunity.

Total Accountability

To be willing and able to analyse, critique and embrace my total scope of responsibility regarding all influence I have over the outcome of a specific task, opportunity, job or duty.


To listen first, and talk second. To always be willing to learn from anyone. Independent of external structures and hierarchy. To acknowledge my ignorance and embrace the opportunity to learn. There is no job or responsibility I am above.


Every day is day 1, week 1.

There is more to life than achievements, authority and accolades. My goal is to maintain a psychology and mindset of rehabilitation. To pursue true ambition. What lies beyond external structures. In a place of limitless growth, the pursuit of becoming a self-leader. In that process cultivating self-belief.
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